Specialised stain cleaning equipment with unique high pressure and high temperature steam injection unit that uses only water as the cleaning media to clean, sanitise and disinfect.
Key highlights of this equipment

  • Uses only water.
  • Excellent natural sanitiser and disinfectant.
  • Ease of cleaning off stains without laborious efforts.
  • Minimal drying time. 

Removing stain

  • High pressure steam is used to break down structure of the stain, so it is easier to be washed away
  • High temperature steam sanitizes area to kill all bacteria
  • As the steam dries out in seconds, you may not need to wait long before use**

Example of a urine stained mattress – before and after the treatment

Stain cover Stain removed cover

* Certain stains may not be entirely removed due to age and nature of stains, stain solutions may need to be used to breakdown the structure before the steam process is introduced. 
** Time taken to dry depends on the climate and humidity