Most people are not aware that their mattress is one of the dirtiest furniture in the home.  In fact, many look forward to lying down on their mattress at the end of each day, looking forward to a good night rest.  Little do they know, they are actually sleeping with dust and dust mites that lives within the mattress!

The mattress is an ideal breeding ground for dust mites.  Dust mites are attracted to the warmth generated from our body when we sleep and feed on the dead skin flakes on our bodies.  The humidity of our climate also make it very conducive for them to grow and multiply.

Is the mattress really that dirty?
Take a look!  This is a test run using our dry method system.

Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1 Figure 2

Results after a one minute run through the kid’s mattress (Figure 1) and an adult king size mattress (Figure 2).
An Acarex® test to indicate the contamination of house mites allergens in dust samples by colour reaction is performed.  Figure 3 shows the result of dust collected from the kid’s mattress and Figure 4 shows the result from the adult mattress.

Figure 3 Figure 4
Figure 3 Figure 4

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What do you make out of that?!  What should you do?
An immediate action to take is to perform regular vacuuming of your mattresses.  Whilst it will not thoroughly clean the mattress and rid it of dust mites, a regular clean can help to remove dust particles which can probably slow the growth of dust mites in your mattress.  You should engage a professional mattress cleaner who can then periodically deep cleans and sanitises your mattress, and removes the dust mites from it.

Deep Cleaning - Matt-Zuiver has the answer…
Matt-Zuiver uses the latest hygiene cleaning equipment from Europe to clean your mattresses.  
There are two cleaning methods that Matt-Zuiver uses:

Dry method

Dry method

This method uses a 100% dry and chemical free mattress cleaning technology.  It adopts a safe, effective and fast procedure that will ensure you see the results in just one minute.

Attached with a UV-C light to disinfect bacteria and viruses, the system has been scientifically proven to have effectively removed and destroyed dust mites, bacteria, fungal spores, and other harmful debris found in mattresses by up to 99.9%. Our machine produces high frequency vibrations to the mattress to loosen dirt particles deep within the mattress and capitalizes on the UVC light technique together to eliminate bacteria and other harmful micro organism like dust mites in the mattress. That’s why we do not need to flip your mattress! This 100% Dry cleaning process is convenient because the mattress can be used immediately after the treatment. 

In short, the system deep cleans, sanitises and disinfects your mattresses.

High Temperature Dry Steam Cleaning

High temperature dry steam cleaning

This system is a 100% natural and non-toxic cleaning operation that adopts the dry steam technology where there is minimum moisture residue.  It features a vapor generator and an inbuilt industrial vacuum unit that cleans and sanitizes in one step.
The high temperature pressure steam naturally kills pathogenic bacteria, remove tough soils, and kill pests including dust mites, bed bugs and their eggs.  This is a more natural cleaning process as well as more user friendly for hyper-allergy customers.

Since there are 2 methods, which method is better?  

Call us today and we will share the benefits of each method and explore the best method that suits you.